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About My Sales Agent


My Sales Agent was created by a small group of sales, marketing and human resources executives who saw an opportunity to help companies of all sizes to solve two of the most important problems that business face today.

1) How can I sell more if I can’t afford to hire sales reps?

And in the case of marketing:

2) How can I launch a new product nationally or internationally if I have no money for marketing?

Our solution was to combine our resources to create what we believe to be the most comprehensive database of Spanish Sales Agents ever built!

An objective that we have achieved, through the creation of a database that covers virtually every market segment, from industrial products and building materials to cosmetics and luxury goods. Simply put, if your product can be sold in Spain we know who can sell it.

In essence, if you want to reach more than 7,500 Sales Agents and have access to services tailor made for your company, we have the solution.