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If you want to sell your products in Spain, but don’t want to invest in opening an office or managing a sales team, then you only really have one option, and that is to find Sales Agent or Agents for your products.

The question is how, especially if you don’t speak the language. And even if you do, the process can be very, very long and complicated.

Options Overview

  1. Contact each of the 75 organization that represent Sales Agents in Spain. Which is easier said than done due to their limited opening times and the level of English that is spoken. Probably the best way to describe it is trying to call Ryanair Customer service line and once you get through you discover that the call centre is based in India….Good Luck

If you are lucky enough to speak to someone who can help you, you will discover that it is extremely difficult to use them as a means of contacting their members.

Recently, while conducting research for this project I contacted one college that did offer the possibility of advertising in their quarterly magazine. When I asked when the next issue was the response was...in about 6 - 7 months!!!

However, in case you don't believe us we have attached a table with links to Spain's 75 Sales Agents Colleges. Have fun!!!







 La Rioja


Comunidad de Madrid





 Castilla - La Mancha

 País Vasco 

 Castilla León

Comunidad Valenciana


 Ceuta y Melilla 

We want to make clear that these colleges do have a very important role to play in negotiating discounts for sales agents and protecting their rights, but as a method of contacting sales agents we believe that they are not very effective. But even if every college was effective the problem still remains that to launch a national campaign you have to negotiate with 75 colleges!!! (Talk about divide and rule!)

2) Advertise in the national press and regional press o through employment web is probably you second best option. You will get plenty of replies in Spanish for a relatively high costs, but you advert will most likely not be read by those who are already busy working. In addition, in our experience those Sales Agents who excel in selling not usually the most technologically friendly.

3) Word of mouth – Perhaps one of the best methods of recruitment, but also the slowest, especially if you have very few contacts in Spain.

4) Call us or email us - we are by far the cheaper and most effective option!!